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Dalmaray Selects Flexible Concrete Tank Liner from XR® QuikLiner™

XR QuikLiner on Mar 22, 2018 9:20:40 AM

Concrete Wastewater Tank Liners Provide Corrosion Protection for 8,000-Gallon Holding Tank and Manholes


Grande Cheese Trusts XR QuikLiner for its New 8,000 Gallon Wastewater Holding TankIn 2017, Grande Cheese broke ground on a major expansion of its cheese processing facility in Juda, Wisconsin. The cheesemaking process generates a significant amount of wastewater. This wastewater reaches temperatures of 190 degrees Fahrenheit and includes caustic cleaning chemicals. The breakdown of waste can create significantly corrosive chemicals. The expansion required an 8,000-gallon wastewater holding tank and three manhole distribution risers linked to the tank at 72”, 60”, and 48” diameter.

The general contractor partnered with Dalmaray Precast Concrete to produce the three-part, 8,000-gallon holding tank and manholes. All containers required corrosion protection. While the project was under development for months, the construction schedule allowed only a few weeks of lead time for production of the tank and manholes. Dalmaray didn’t have the three weeks typically needed to cast, set, pretreat, coat, and cure all the pieces.

Dalmaray selected XR QuikLiner for the initial phase. The concrete wastewater tank liners were ordered and delivered within a week. Within days of casting, the parts were delivered to the jobsite for installation. Use of the liner meant little or no fieldwork to protect the concrete. The second phase had a one week turnaround time from QuikLiner order to jobsite delivery.

The first three parts were installed and backfilled within a day. Because of the way the liner was installed, limited field fabrication was required, decreasing installation time. All parties were extremely satisfied with the quality of the liner and the speed of the delivery.

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