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XR QuikLiner Partners With Advance Concrete Products

XR QuikLiner on Feb 8, 2019 9:04:00 AM

XR® QuikLiner™ Helps Advance Concrete Products Deliver New Grease Interceptor Technology

Grease Interceptor InstallWhen Advance Concrete Products needed to provide a large American taco fast food chain with a new grease interceptor for a new location in Frankenmuth, Michigan, it said, “Yo quiero XR QuikLiner!”

Advance Concrete Products worked with Seaman Corporation’s proven XR QuikLiner technology to provide their client with the durability of a precast concrete tank combined with the superior corrosion resistance of the proven XR QuikLiner technology.

The precast concrete grease interceptor was manufactured in one day and delivered two days later. The fast delivery was possible due to the precaster receiving a prefabricated drop-in liner that required minimal shop work. The three-piece tank was pre-assembled in the plant and delivered as a single unit. This eliminated any confined space grouting inside the tank after field installation. The combination of the precast concrete grease interceptor and XR QuikLiner provided a higher quality, more durable product at a lower cost compared to less desirable plastic tank options.

The use of a precast concrete grease interceptor lined with XR QuikLiner is significant, especially in Michigan, where the plastic tank industry is starting to enter the market as a replacement for precast. XR QuikLiner allows precasters to provide their clients with the proven strength and durability of concrete, as well as the corrosion resistance of the XR QuikLiner special formulation, flexible PVC membrane liner.

“[XR] QuikLiner was with us every step to make the liner installation seamless for our precast concrete grease interceptor,” said Lauren Sustic, a product engineer at Advance Concrete Products. “The [XR] QuikLiner system was the perfect solution to give our customer the added protection they requested.”

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