Precast Concrete Protection System

Corrosion Protection for Precast Concrete

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XR QuikLiner Corrosion Protection for Precast Concrete

XR QuikLiner

XR QuikLiner is a prefabricated, reinforced flexible PVC membrane liner that offers H2S gas and chemical resistance for precast concrete products. It's easy to use, easy to install, and saves time and money.

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How It's Made

Made in the USA from the knitting & weaving operation in Bristol, TN to the coating in Wooster, OH, XR QuikLiner is design to provide protection in precast concrete products. XR QuikLiner is the only flexible, prefabricated drop-in liner system available today.

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XR QuikLiner Layers

Why Should Precasters Rely on XR QuikLiner?

Read our guide to discover the benefits of our new concrete protection technology and why precasters across the world trust XR QuikLiner.

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