Protect Your Precast Structures With XR® QuikLiner

Corrosion Protection for Precast ConcreteFor years, precasters have been forced to accept the same precast concrete solutions: epoxy coatings, chemical admixtures, and rigid liner systems. In order to bring new technology to precast concrete corrosion protection systems, Seaman Corporation created XR QuikLiner.

XR QuikLiner offers precasters some of the best attributes of the existing systems in one new and innovative product. Not only is it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to use, it doesn’t have the waste and mess associated with epoxies and other applied coatings.

Why Should Precasters Rely on XR QuikLiner?

Plain, uncoated, unlined, or untreated precast concrete products need protection. XR QuikLiner is designed to protect and prevent the corrosion and failure of your concrete products. Flexible and prefabricated to fit your form, the proven performance of XR® technology increases durability and product life without requiring an additional concrete coating.

Ways You Can Use XR QuikLiner

XR QuikLiner is designed to provide precast concrete protection and containment of wastewater in precast structures such as process water systems and concrete holding tanks, septic tanks, manholes, and grease interceptors.

  • Process water systems and concrete holding tanks: XR QuikLiner’s precast concrete tank liners ensure that your system provides long-term reliability.
  • Prefabricated septic tanks: XR QuikLiner can extend the life of a septic tank to provide homeowners peace of mind regarding their septic systems.
  • Precast concrete manhole structures: XR QuikLiner protects from microbial induced corrosion (MIC) and is a fully adhered, solid-yet-flexible membrane layer of protection.
  • Precast concrete grease traps and interceptors: XR QuikLiner offers superior protection against fats, oils, grease, chemicals, and gases.

As a prefabricated, reinforced, flexible PVC membrane that offers fast and affordable protection for precast concrete, XR QuikLiner stands apart from any other product in the industry.

Find Out Why Precasters Should Rely on XR Quikliner