Save Time and Money With XR® QuikLiner

Waterproof Concrete Tank LinerProtecting our country’s infrastructure and your client’s investment is a responsibility and a priority. XR QuikLiner is a patented, flexible PVC alloy membrane that provides chemical and corrosion resistance to new precast concrete products. Additionally, XR QuikLiner allows producers to fabricate and deliver lined products faster by minimizing in-plant labor and virtually eliminating field labor.

Compared to epoxy coatings, chemical admixtures, rigid liner systems, and other alternative products, our concrete coatings and liners are easier to install, safer, and far more cost-effective, both in the short term and the long term.

Why Should Municipalities Rely on XR QuikLiner?

Every square inch of a precast concrete product that comes into contact with a liquid or a gas should be protected. Compared to epoxies and other applied concrete coatings, XR QuikLiner has superior longevity, which equates to damage resistance and the safety of residents and visitors.

Easy to Use and Tailored to Fit Your Forms

XR QuikLiner provides concrete protection and containment of wastewater in precast products such as grease interceptors, process water systems and concrete holding tanks, septic tanks, and manholes.

  • Grease traps and grease interceptors: Resistant to fats, oils, grease, and a long list of chemicals and gases, XR QuikLiner will change how you protect your concrete grease traps and grease interceptors.
  • Process water systems and concrete holding tanks: As a solid membrane barrier, XR QuikLiner provides total protection from the variety of chemicals and gases found in process water systems and concrete holding tanks.
  • Prefabricated septic tanks: Our septic tank liners are a cost-effective, high-performing upgrade that precast concrete producers can offer their customers.
  • Manhole structures: Our manhole coatings protect manhole structures from microbially induced corrosion (MIC) and other harmful substances.

XR QuikLiner is an innovative product that will change how you protect your precast products and H2S gas and other corrosive agents. Hands-on guidance and training to precast companies are available, which, in turn, benefits municipalities.

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