The Ultimate Defense Against Food Contamination & More

Precast Concrete Grease TrapConcrete protective coatings for food and beverage processing must be durable enough and thick enough to prevent contaminants from permeating the concrete substrate. XR® QuikLiner XR-5® technology is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) liner with a flexible, reinforced, polypropylene felt backing that’s prefabricated to fit your exact project. The backing provides a continuous, mechanical bond with the concrete to create a layer of fiber-reinforced concrete.

Our concrete coatings are easy to use, easy to install, and save time and money. When used versus plain concrete, XR QuikLiner’s concrete coatings and liners offer a high level of protection against fats, oils and greases, septic tank nasties, and a large variety of chemicals and gases such as H2S.

Why Should Food Processing Companies Rely on XR QuikLiner?

Much like you need a raincoat for protection from water, plain, uncoated, unlined, untreated concrete products need protection as well. Utilizing XR® technology—known for its chemical and puncture resistance—XR QuikLiner fully adheres to concrete in the casting stage via integral fiber backing. Prefabricated concrete coatings and liners with welded seams create a watertight barrier, extending the lifespan of concrete products.

XR QuikLiner has superior longevity compared to epoxy coatings, chemical admixtures, rigid liner systems, and other waterproof coating alternatives, which equates to damage resistance and safety (i.e., defense against food contamination, equipment and facility damage, etc.).

Ideal Food Processing Applications

From process water systems and concrete holding tanks and precast concrete grease traps to prefabricated septic tanks and manhole structures, XR QuikLiner is easier, faster, and more cost-effective to use and doesn’t have the waste and mess associated with concrete admixtures, rigid liner systems, and other applied coatings.

  • Precast process/holding tanks: Lining your process water systems and concrete holding tanks with XR QuikLiner provides a solid membrane barrier that protects the system from a variety of chemicals and gases that could facilitate microbial induced corrosion (MIC).
  • Concrete grease traps and grease interceptors: The combination of a precast concrete grease trap and XR QuikLiner provides a higher quality, more durable product at a lower cost compared to less desirable plastic tank options.
  • Prefabricated septic tanks: Our septic tank liners offer fast and affordable protection for concrete grease traps and interceptors.
  • Precast manholes: Our manhole coatings are designed to provide protection and prevent the corrosion and failure of your manhole structures.

Increase the life expectancy of your precast concrete products with XR QuikLiner. Backed by hands-on guidance and training, our concrete protective coatings are unparalleled in the industry.

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