High-Quality Concrete Coatings for Your Industry’s Unique Needs

XR® QuikLiner™ is a prefabricated, reinforced flexible PVC membrane liner that is designed to protect and prevent the corrosion and failure of your precast concrete products. XR QuikLiner concrete coatings are easy to use, easy to install, and save time and money for precasters, municipalities, and food processing companies.


Precasters have been forced to accept the same precast concrete solutions for years. In order to bring new technology to precast concrete corrosion protection systems, Seaman Corporation created XR QuikLiner, which offers precasters some of the best attributes of the existing systems in one new and innovative product.

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Compared to epoxies and other applied concrete coatings, XR QuikLiner has superior longevity, which equates to damage resistance and the safety of residents and visitors. Additionally, we provide hands-on guidance and training to precast companies, which, in turn, benefits municipalities.

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Food Processing

Concrete protective coatings for food and beverage processing must be durable enough and thick enough to prevent contaminants from permeating the concrete substrate. XR QuikLiner’s concrete coatings and liners offer a high level of protection against fats, oils and greases, and a wide range of chemicals and gases such as H2S.

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