Flexible PVC Lining Tailored to Fit Your Forms

Concrete Protective Liner

Compared to rigid liner systems, which do not allow for easy bending, folding, or rolling of the material, XR QuikLiner is a prefabricated, reinforced flexible PVC liner that is tailored to fit your forms. This flexibility allows for producers to simply unfold our prefabricated liner and slip it over the core of their forms.

Rigid liners require assembly in the precaster's plant. This assembly requires in-plant labor to be completed prior to the liner being placed on the form. XR QuikLiner requires minimal labor. Need a concrete protective liner for your form? Contact us today. For more information on our XR QuikLiner product, check out our additional product information sheets.


Rigid Liner Systems

XR QuikLiner


Low to none

NoneXR QuikLiner contains no VOC’s or nasty odors

PPE Required


NoXR QuikLiner has no special PPE requirements


NoRigid liner systems do not allow for easy bending, folding, or rolling of the material

YesXR QuikLiner can be easily manipulated over the form at the time of pour

Visible, Complete Surface Coverage



Verify Compliance

YesUse is clearly visible

YesUse is clearly visible

Third Party Installer/Fabricator Requirement



Complete Prefabrication

NoRigid liners need to be assembled by the producer

YesXR QuikLiner arrives at the precaster's plant fully prefabricated and ready to fully flip over a form

In-Plant Labor Costs
($ to $$$$$ expensive)

$$$$$ (requires in-plant assembly)

$ (delivered prefabricated)

Complete Surface Mechanical Bond

NoRigid systems are not 100% consistently bonded to the precast product

YesXR QuikLiner is mechanically bonded to virtually every square inch of the precast product

Product Cost
($ to $$$$$ expensive)



MIC Protection