Epoxy Coatings = Time, Money, & Mess

To be applied properly, most epoxy coatings require cured concrete (time) and surface prep (time) prior to application (more time). Furthermore, the application process is messy, wasteful, and potentially hazardous to employees. XR QuikLiner simply unfolds and slips on the form—it's that easy and effortless.


Epoxy Coatings

XR QuikLiner


High – Epoxy coatings contain high levels of VOC’s.

None – XR QuikLiner contains no VOC’s or nasty odors.

PPE Required

Yes – Epoxy coats require varying levels of PPE in all cases.

No – XR QuikLiner has no special PPE requirements.

Spill Potential



Application Consistency

Inconsistent - It's difficult to maintain and measure a consistent epoxy coating thickness over all areas when applied.

Consistent – XR QuikLiner is a prefabricated form liner that removes the guesswork of consistent protection every time.

Pre-Application Prep

Yes – Epoxy material often requires several days to weeks of concrete cure time followed by surface abrasion prior to application.

No – XR QuikLiner slips over formwork instantly.

Visible, Complete Surface Coverage

No – Any applied epoxy coating must be tested for application thickness variations and voids caused by air bubbles.


Verify compliance

No – Epoxy coatings require physical testing to verify application coverage and thickness.

Yes – Use is clearly visible on any lined surface

Product Cost
($ to $$$$$ expensive)



MIC Protection

It varies by product.