Eliminate Exposure to Chemicals in Your Plant

Chemical Admixtures for ConcreteSafety in plants is a big deal. We all want to make sure our workforce remains safe and can get the job done. Exposure to chemicals is never a good thing, and XR QuikLiner has the extensive product knowledge and innovative solutions to eliminate this potential hazard in your plant. We put quality and partnership at the forefront—which is shown in every service we deliver and every product we manufacture—and ultimately improve your team’s output.

Not only is XR QuikLiner more cost-effective than chemical additives admixtures used in concrete, but it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or nasty odors. Admixtures are chemicals added to fresh or hardened concrete to give it special properties, such as to enhance the durability or strength characteristics of a concrete mixture. Water-reducing concrete admixtures are some of the most widely used admixtures, particularly crystalline admixtures. Crystalline admixtures act as a waterproofing solution by turning concrete into a water barrier. When combined with water, the chemicals react to form crystals that grow and fill the micro-cracks, preventing water from absorbing.

XR QuikLiner offers fast and affordable chemical resistance for precast concrete products. Ready to discuss how XR QuikLiner can help you? Contact us today or check out our additional product information sheets.  


Chemical Additives and Admixtures

XR QuikLiner


HighSome chemical additives contain high levels of VOCs

NoneXR QuikLiner contains no VOCs or nasty odors

PPE Required

Yes—Chemicals require varying levels of PPE in all cases

NoXR QuikLiner has no special PPE requirements

Spill Potential



Dosing Consistency

InconsistentRisk of dosing errors, over/under use of material

ConsistentXR QuikLiner is a prefabricated form liner that removes the guesswork of consistent protection application.

Dosing System Requirement



Visible, Complete Surface Coverage



Verify Compliance

NoUnless tinted, verification of use requires lab testing in many cases

YesUse is clearly visible on any lined surface

Product Cost
($ to $$$$$ expensive)



MIC Protection