Protect Precast Concrete Manhole Structures With XR® QuikLiner™

Manhole structures are a primary component of our infrastructure systems, but they’re regularly exposed to a variety of water types, chemicals, and gases. Many of these substances are harmful and actively contribute to the corrosion we see on a daily basis. XR QuikLiner is designed to provide protection and prevent the corrosion and ultimate failure of these precast concrete manholes. To learn more about our manhole coatings, contact us today.

The Prefabricated Membrane Solution You Need for Your Concrete Manhole

XR QuikLiner provides a fast, easy to use, cost-effective solution for precasters to offer a lining system. Our manhole coatings:

  • Protect manhole structures from microbially induced corrosion (MIC) and other harmful substances
  • Provide a cast-in-the-plant, fully adhered, solid yet flexible membrane layer of protection
  • Offer faster product delivery to the site compared to other products
Interested in learning more? Check out our gallery to see XR QuikLiner in action.