XR® QuikLiner™ Protects Your Process Water Systems & Concrete Holding Tanks

Your manufacturing process requires a consistently functioning wastewater process system. Our precast concrete tank liners ensure that your system provides long-term reliability. Lining your process water systems and concrete holding tanks with XR QuikLiner provides a solid membrane barrier that protects the system from a variety of chemicals and gases that could facilitate microbial induced corrosion (MIC). Contact us to learn more.

Easy to Use & Tailored to Fit Your Forms

Increase the life expectancy of your precast concrete products with XR QuikLiner. Our concrete tank liners:

  • Are easy to specify and superior to applied coatings
  • Provide protection against MIC
  • Are the cost-effective solution for high-level protection
  • Protect your capital investment of process water systems
Interested in learning more? Check out our gallery to see XR QuikLiner in action.