Fast & Affordable Precast Concrete Protection

XR QuikLiner is a prefabricated, reinforced flexible PVC membrane liner that offers H2S gas and chemical resistance for precast concrete products. It's easy to use, easy to install, and saves time and money.

What is XR QuikLiner?

So, what exactly is this new liner technology that everyone's talking about?

How To Use XR QuikLiner

Learn how to install the XR QuikLiner product in your plant.


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Hear From Our Customers


It's very easy to use. You can slide the liner over a form and pour it. It's invaluable to have another layer of protection, which is a real benefit to our customers. I think XR QuikLiner will revolutionize septic tanks and manholes.
- Aaron Ausen, Dalmaray Concrete Products


I wasn't sure how well it would bond, but it bonded very well. I do believe in XR QuikLiner, and I see us using more of it as we get into more applications.
- Chuck Babbert, E.C. Babbert


There's no doubt that in this industry, if you get caught standing around, you're going to get passed. I could see the XR QuikLiner being very effective.
- Jason Cross, Norwalk Concrete Industries


XR QuikLiner really takes out a lot of the guesswork of quantities for the mixes and leftovers.
- Tim Pfeiffer, Lindsay Precast

Project Profiles & Technology

Dalmaray Chooses XR QuikLiner for Grande Cheese Project

Grande Cheese

A 2017 Grande Cheese broke ground on a major expansion of its cheese processing facility in Juda, Wisconsin, requiring an 8,000 gallon wastewater holding tank, and three manhole distribution risers. Dalmaray didn’t have the three weeks typically needed to cast, set, pretreat, coat, and cure all the pieces.

Aspen Racquet Club

Aspen Racquet Club

Due to a fixed opening date and an extremely tight schedule, XR QuikLiner was the only solution that could provide the needed protection to hit the deadline.

E.C. Babbert Chooses XR QuikLiner for Grease Trap Project

E.C. Babbert Grease Trap

Second generation owner Chuck Babbert of E.C. Babbert continues his father's desire to provide the best precast concrete products possible through great quality, customer service, and innovation.


Industry Associations & Partners

Why Should Precasters Rely on XR QuikLiner?

Read our guide to discover the benefits of our new concrete protection technology and why precasters across the world trust XR QuikLiner.

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